At EENOVO Construcciones y Estructuras, we have a technical and human infrastructure that, together with the experience accumulated over more than 60 years, allow us to offer any service related to the construction sector and the execution of any construction project.

In addition to valuable human capital, we have important own resources that guarantee the excellent execution of our works and actions.

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We offer all the services that a client needs, centralizing decisions, and improving the final result.

The use of state-of-the-art materials of proven quality increases confidence and safety in our works and structures. Each of the construction materials that we use have passed an exhaustive quality control, thus increasing confidence and safety in our works and structures.

We know the expectations of our clients and we know how to achieve and exceed them without error and in good time, also offering support after the end of the work.

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The satisfaction of our clients is a consequence of our desire to achieve the highest levels of excellence.

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The prevention, evaluation and elimination of occupational risks (zero accident rate) is a priority in our company.

We have the "OutBox Network Satisfaction Guarantee" seal that recognizes our good work and quality of service.

We build your dreams from start to finish.

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